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Bonus Section 1 – The Unscience of Global Warming

The first section of the Climate Science Challenge was an appeal to see how much you value empirical evidence. All of the presented empirical evidence falsifies the theory anthropogenic global warming. This second section contains confirmations of the Challenge conclusion that there is no such thing as man-made “climate change”.

Question: Think of two things: 1) climate computer models 2) global temperature datasets | Which is empirical evidence, and which is contingent speculation based on presumptions?

Climate computer models are quantitative methods (algorithms) used to project (forecast) circumstances into the future through programming simulation. The accuracy of climate computer models is entirely dependant of the quality of the data, the assumptions and rules applied, and especially how the unknowns are dealt with – in climate modeling there are many more unknowns than knowns.

Datasets, as in global temperature records, are considered empirical evidence (hard information). Algorithms, used in climate computer modeling, are filled with speculation (soft, unverified presumptions). Data offers the opportunity to present “if-this, then-that” scenarios, whereas, model algorithms can only present “let’s-make-up-this, then-that” scenarios. This explains why global temperature datasets are consistent with each other (as we have seen), and thus verify each other, whereas, climate computer models display tremendous variability and never reliably correlate with the global temperature datasets either in the present or when projected into the past. In effect, climate computer modeling is completely unreliable.

1990 to 2014 Global Temperatures

Unscience is more than just a masquerading corruption of science. It is an ostentatious parade of propaganda and defiance that openly declares any opposition to be considered evil in order to delegitimize all counterarguments and put a stop to any challenges. (For this reason this website will likely be considered among the most evil of all “denier” websites.)

The unscience of climate change attempts to legitimize the speculative presumptions of computer climate models and delegitimize the empirical evidence of global temperature data. The unscience of climate change demands that you accept their soft computer model speculation over the hard empirical evidence of global temperature datasets that in aggregate blatantly contradict the conclusions of their computer models.

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