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Premise: Remember how we found a consolidating global temperature from 1931 to 1979 in this graph:

1931-1979 Global Temperatures

Riddles: The following image is of the fossil fuels consumption graph that I promised earlier. (In 2013 the BBC reported of the IPCC: ~A landmark report says scientists are 95% certain that humans are the “dominant cause” of global warming since the 1950s.~) Is it not interesting that even with the acceleration of fossil fuels emissions beginning in 1950, no corresponding global temperature rise is observed in our above aggregate temperature graph right up to 1979?

CO2 From Fossil Fuels

And is it not even more interesting that the single pause in the increase in fossil fuel emissions directly corresponds with the beginning of our 11 year blip of rising temperatures?

Conundrum: Notice that the pause in the temperature consolidation trend from 1979 to 1990 precisely correlates with the only significant reduction in fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions since the 1950 acceleration began (see the emissions pause identified in the emissions graph above). [/inconvenient truth]

1990-2014 Global Temperatures

[A correlation is an observed affiliation that suggests dependence between two statistical groups – an “if-this, then-that” relationship.]

In fact, if one were to draw a predominant correlation based on trends using Ockham’s razor (a principle of analysis stipulating that the most likely correct solution to a scenario of inquiry contains the least amount of unverified presumptions), one would conclude that the 13% slight warming period could be attributed to the correlating reduction in fossil fuels consumption (the emissions pause), and that a rising emissions rate actually correlates with a consolidation of the global temperature. In fact again, according to this correlation, if we wish to keep the global temperature consolidating into the future, we should keep pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at an ever increasing measure, just as we have done for the last 84 years, except for the emissions pause, which, according to this correlation may have produced an alarmingly disproportionate amount of warming (a 6 year emissions pause correlates with an extended 11 year pause of the consolidation trend, instead transforming into a warming global temperature). [/incredible irony]

Conclusion: The only correlations that can be observed over the last 84 years between global temperatures and fossil fuels emissions are basically direct contradictions of anthropogenic global warming theory.

Punch Line: What scientists should be investigating is an anthropogenic global temperature consolidation theory. This is what the correlations within the empirical evidence suggest.

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