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First, some preliminary definitions:

Anthropogenic global warming theory (also known as climate change) proposes that mankind in many ways influences the climate, specifically causing the global temperature to unnaturally rise at an alarming rate with drastic consequences.

Ockham's RazorA global temperature dataset is a collection of statistical temperature data accumulated over time from thousands of measurements of similar origin (land thermometers, weather balloons, ocean buoys, satellite) around the globe. Using statistical methods the raw data files are then constructed into useful datasets where statistical analysis can be easily applied. Depending on the statistical methodologies used, alternate datasets may be constructed from a single raw data file.

Empirical evidence is hard information based on data collection, experimentation and observation used by the scientific community to justify or falsify theories and hypothesizes. For instance, temperature datasets can be used as empirical evidence since they are for the most part hard (verified) information.

Correlation is an observed affiliation that suggests dependence between two statistical groups – an “if this, then that” relationship.

Ockham’s razor is a principle of analysis stipulating that the most likely correct solution to a scenario of inquiry contains the least amount of unverified presumptions. Empirical evidence is important in reducing the need for unverified presumptions.

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