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Here are the twelve important things you didn’t know about climate change:

  1. That the original 1986 global temperature projections by Dr. James Hansen that established anthropogenic global warming theory as a supposedly legitimate theory were completely wrong.

  2. That the poster child graph for global warming actually shows only natural warming and no anthropogenic global warming, and that all recent “hottest years on record” would be natural occurrences on that graph.

  3. That the “hottest year on record” poster child graph for climate change is a manipulation of the data to erroneously make the viewer believe in anthropogenic global warming theory.

  4. That the year 1990 is the adherent establishment’s arbitrary benchmark year for climate change.

  5. That there has been no global warming from the benchmark year 1990 up to the first ever declared anthropogenic “hottest year on record” (2014) according to a 13X dataset aggregate graph.

  6. That there was no global warming from 1931 to 1979 according to a 9X dataset aggregate graph.

  7. That the trend for the 84 years (inclusive) from 1931 to 2014 was consolidation, not global warming.

  8. That even the dataset for the “hottest year on record” poster child graph shows no global warming trend when superimposed onto the 9X and 13X dataset aggregate graphs.

  9. That significant fossil fuel consumption only began in 1950.

  10. That the only small pause in the increase of fossil fuel consumption correlates with the only small warming period within the years 1931 to 2014, completely contradicting anthropogenic global warming theory.

  11. That there have been no parallel effects of a supposed extreme global warming in regard to the dataset empirical evidence of sea level, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, flooding, forest die-off, wildfires, snow cover, global sea ice area, and Antarctic temperatures.

  12. That there is no global temperature empirical evidence supporting anthropogenic global warming theory.

Here was the Challenge to you from page one:

We bet that once you had learned of the twelve important things that you didn’t previously know about the anthropogenic global warming debate, that this little website would become your go-to link to disprove “climate change”. Have I won that wager? [Wink – you know I have.]

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There are bonus sections that provide even more clarification of the climate change issue. The first bonus section deals with the unscience of anthropogenic global warming theory. The second bonus section exposes the people of the unscience.

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