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Premise: Think about this:

Real Consensus

Question: If you earned your living researching or otherwise connected to the issue of anthropogenic global warming, which included annual two-week-long all-expenses-paid trips (on top of your annual vacations) to the most exotic cities in the world, at which to sightsee, eat, drink, sample the local sexual pleasure market, and preen and rant and receive pats on the back from fellow associates enjoying the same luxuries, would you want to give that all up and go looking for a new job in a marketplace saturated with other out of work climate scientists, diplomats, etc., if the anthropogenic global warming theory was universally abandoned? Would you not do everything in your power to keep the theory alive (or at least keep your mouth shut about your objections), even if you knew in your heart and head that it was false?

Conundrum: Envirotheist scientists, activists and diplomats definitely keep their mouths shut about any personal objections. Here are the exotic locations the U.N. has had conferences in since the mid-nineties: – Geneva, Switzerland – Berlin, Germany – The Hague, Netherlands – Milan, Italy – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Montreal, Canada – Nairobi, Kenya – Bali, Indonesia – Poznań, Poland – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Kyoto, Japan – Bonn, Germany – Marrakech, Morocco – New Delhi, India – Cancún, Mexico – Copenhagen, Denmark – Durban, South Africa – Doha, Qatar – Warsaw, Poland – Lima, Peru – Paris, France. Of course, then there are dozens of other smaller “events” around the world to fill out their expense calendar every year. Who would want to give up all of these free, annual luxuries without a fight?

1990 to 2014 Global Temperatures

In 2014 we had a number put to these “important” conference goers who simply must meet every year in some new city to plot how to keep the gravy train running. Oxford academic Benito Muller let the cat out of the bag by inadvertently describing these free loaders perpetrating this hoax for their own personal benefits as “a roving village of 5,000 people”. How many available research and diplomatic jobs do you think there would be in the marketplace for 5,000 suddenly unemployed climate change researchers and diplomats? Of course, then there would be the ten of thousands of underlings not important enough to warrant going to these annual confabs that would also be competing for the same jobs and offering themselves at a much lower price. In fact, however, it has now been reported that 41,000 freeloaders attended the 2015 Paris conference.

Conclusion: Do you think these envirotheists are motivated by a desire to save the planet, or isn’t it more likely that at almost any cost (to you) they desperately want to save their cushy jobs with their luxurious travel and expense benefits? Here is the real crux of the matter: All of the people (and organizations) listed in the above pages earn their money based on the lie of anthropogenic global warming. Take away the issue of climate change and they all lose their careers. No wonder they refuse to acknowledge any contrary empirical evidence.

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